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Security cameras & CCTV Installation Services in Florida

We are proud to offer you Boss Security Worldwide Installation. Boss Installation is a national network of recommended installers ready to handle your installation needs and you pay Boss Security wholesale prices, with absolutely no mark up. All of our installers use Boss Security Worldwide products so that you are assured that the quality of the products is second to none.
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The installation of security cameras is integral in the protection of every business. While the installation of security cameras can fall under many names and descriptions, such as CCTV Camera Systems, Surveillance Systems, Security Systems, Surveillance Cameras, and numerous other monikers, the general purpose of installing security cameras is the same: to monitor and protect your business.

There are many reasons a business owner may want to install security cameras in his or her place of business. The number one reason is the prevention of theft or burglary. Did you know that data has shown that the mere existence and installation of security cameras, otherwise known as CCTV Camera Systems (because the cameras are broadcast on closed circuit television only viewable by the business owner), when visible to potential intruders, substantially decreases the likelihood of the potential burglary or theft ever occurring. In other words, the thief will look for a place of business that did not install security cameras.

Less obvious, but important reasons for the installation of security cameras at the workplace are to monitor employees and customers, increase worker efficiency, reduce insurance costs, and provide a video report of the workplace.

Monitoring Employees and Customers

“The mice will play when the cat is away.” Small business owners spend a significant amount of time out of the office. The installation of a proper CCTV Security System in the office, which is now easily viewable instantaneously on the IPhone, Ipad, Itouch, Android, Blackberry and other smart phone applications, assures that employees always understand that their actions are being videoed and monitored even if the boss is not there. Thus, the installation of security cameras within the office, warehouse, store or other business facility has a great effect on the general conduct of employees, not to mention the reduction of employee theft and legal wrongdoing. The same benefits apply to the monitoring of customers within the business property.

Increase Worker Efficiency

Perhaps a less well known benefit of the installation of security cameras is its effect on worker efficiency. Business management studies have indicated that worker efficiency increases by almost 33% when an effective monitoring system is employed. Less time is spent around the “ice cooler” as they say, surfing the internet, tending to personal issues, etc. when the installation of security cameras are effectively monitoring the internal work environment.

Reduce Insurance Costs and Claims

Similar to when alarm systems first became affordable to the general public, most commercial insurers now offer substantial discounts when an effective surveillance system is secured throughout the business premises. Check with commercial insurer to see if they offer a discount after the installation of a security cameras system. If not, contact us as we may able know an insurer in your area who does. Often times, the cost of the installation of the surveillance system is offset by the reduction in the insurance in the first year alone.

Video Report

No one will contend that we live in a litigious society. Often times, it is one person’s word against another. By installing an effective security camera system, a video report is developed and stored daily which can effectively be used to dispute allegations of wrong doing by your employees or a dangerous workplace. Ultimately, this can greatly affect your cost of doing business and your insurance premiums and claims against your business.

Home Security Camera Systems

While there are several reasons, as stated above, for the installation of security cameras at the workplace or other place of business, a newer area of security camera installation is emerging quickly, namely, the installation of home security systems. Home Security Camera Installation or Home CCTV Camera Systems were once only affordable by the very wealthy and were used mainly to protect against burglary and theft. As costs of security cameras, digital video recorders, also known as DVR’s have come down, along with the advent of the IPhone and other smart devices, the installation of home security camera systems has become affordable to the mainstream public, and the purposes of installing such security camera systems has expanded.

While the main purpose is to protect against theft, the home security camera system is a great way to monitor the conduct of your children and household staff. The so called “nanny cam” no longer has to be a low end surveillance camera hidden in a stuffed animal. Today, several extremely affordable options exist for both hidden and visible surveillance cameras that can provide you great protection when you are not at home. Our recommendation is to make the interior camera system visible to all visitors to your home (i.e. the cable man, the electric company employee, the phone company employee, the nanny, the housekeeper, etc.) so that they all understand that they will be held accountable for their actions. It is an amazing source of comfort to know that you can monitor the actions of the nanny with your children with a live view of your house while you are not at home. Some home security surveillance camera systems even allow an e-mail to be sent to you every time your front door (or any chosen entrance or exit) is opened while you are away. You no longer have to guess if someone was in your house or when they showed up to the requested job.

At Boss Security Worldwide, for years, we have supplied installers, security companies and retailers with all of the equipment that they have needed to perform installations at your home, your place of business, your condominium and/or other multi-family dwelling.

Who is Boss Security Installation?

Our company was founded by a former installer of security cameras and CCTV security systems, who knows exactly what type of equipment an installer needs to complete an installation effectively and timely. For years, our founder was solely responsible for the service, repair, upgrade and maintenance of thousands of security camera systems in South Florida businesses, schools, condominiums and single family homes before becoming one of the biggest distributors of security products in South Florida.

We are now proud to offer that same equipment, at the same cost to the public, along with a Boss Security authorized installer. We stay up to date with the most cutting edge technology in the industry so that you are getting the best value for your price. Now, you can obtain the equipment for the same costs that the installer enjoys, with all of the warranties that go along with the product. On top of that, we will recommend authorized installers in your area who work with our surveillance equipment and know the ins and outs of our surveillance equipment.

We feel Boss Security Installation combines the two most important areas of our expertise and we call this the Boss Advantage. Not only do we have access to the best equipment at the most affordable prices (which we have been supplying directly to installers and security companies for years) and for which we specifically hand pick the parts that are inside our equipment, but we also have a substantial background in the installation of all different types of security surveillance systems and cameras. We have combined these two areas of expertise and formed Boss Security Installation so that there is no longer a middle man between you and the equipment. You pay us directly for the equipment and we provide you with an authorized installer of the security or CCTV camera system. If you have your own installer, that is not a problem so long as we quickly qualify your installer under the Boss Security Installation guidelines.

So get started and call us or e-mail us today! Don’t go another day without monitoring your business and home by installing an affordable and effective security camera system!

Let us answer any questions that you may have and tell you how the installation of a security camera system can protect your business, make your business more effective and less costly, and give you the comfort of monitoring your home and most valuable possessions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Boss Installation, the protection of your business and home is our number one priority. We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals and giving you the Boss Advantage!